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Jul 10, 2019

Insurance Guys | Hive Five | ep76

There's nothing more The Insurance Guys love than being on other insurance podcasts or other podcasts in general, so we wanted to share the 56th episode The Hive Five Podcast (co-hosted by Keagan Henson and Katherine Parker) brought to you by BriteBee and featuring none other than Scott Howell. Keagan at BriteBee has become one of our really good friends and Scott completely went off on the unintended consequences of podcasting. We hope you enjoy this crossover how and please give Keagan over at BriteBee a follow and make sure you subscribe to their incredible podcast.


The Hive Five // Episode 56:
We sat down with Scott Howell on episode 56 of #TheHiveFive! Scott is an independent insurance agent with iProtect Insurance in Huntsville, Alabama. He is also a co-host of The Insurance Guys Podcast with Bradley Flowers, who we've also had on #TheHiveFive. Scott talks about his background, but also all about the good, the bad, and the terrible of podcasting. Listen to the full episode here:

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About The Hive Five Podcast

When the going gets rough… Well, you know how the saying goes. Sometimes things happen - life happens - and it’s not always our fault. In this podcast, we’ll feature real-life testimonials from people like you. From good times to bad - funny memories and [Hard] lessons learned - everyone has a story and EVERYONE has been there. From business owners, to parents, to young adults - the Hive Five aims to tell stories of “overcoming” the struggles of adulting while celebrating the little victories of life. In each podcast, our guests will give insight to 5 key takeaways, leaving you better than when you started from someone who’s been there and done that.


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The Insurance Guys Podcast is made and dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real-life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency. Please subscribe, review and rate our show on iTunesSoundCloud, IheartRadio App, & Youtube.