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Jan 22, 2018

Insurance guys Podcast | Ep11 | Chris Paradiso | Insurance | Agents | Agent2021

In this episode, Scott & Bradley had the chance to talk with the one and only Chris Paradiso (of Paradiso Insurance) before he takes the stage at (the upcoming) Gary Vaynerchuk's Agent2021 Conference*.

In a high energy discussion, Chris candidly shares his expertise in insurance agency growth strategies, procedure and process, and his marketing mojo and ninja-like social media and branding skills. Want a crash course in the daily grind and some long-term ideas to GROW YOUR AGENCY? You can't afford to miss this incredible interview on the state of the insurance industry and what is coming.

*Agent2021 is a one-day conference that educates agents and owners in four industries (real estate, auto, insurance, and travel) on how to use innovation to grow their business. Social Media Influencers and industry thought leaders discuss the tools, platforms, and tactics that can be used to start marketing in the year we live in. Visit for more information and tickets.

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Marketing Resources from Paradiso Presents:

 Brand Guide - for more information on creating your own agency's branding guide, contact Kelly Donahue-Piro at or 401-415-620s

Digital Customer Experience - (Our Email Marketing Strategy)

Paradiso onboarding process

Paradiso Presents YouTube Channel

Paradiso Presents Website (free marketing content updated weekly)

The Paradiso Promise

The Paradiso Presents

Paradsio Onboarding Process

Article -
personal vs agency branding

Free template for building marketing personas

Fiverr video - this is the service for animated intros on our videos

Recommended Services 

ResponseiQ - Paradiso's 27 second callback widget on website

MyInsuranceVideos - video done for you (for more information on getting started, contact Mike Demko at or 858-461-1075)

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(contact Matt Aaron at or 980-322-7723 to get started)

- generate more referrals automatically (contact Oxana at or 888-978-8325)


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