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Mar 27, 2018

ep15 | insurance guys | podcast | insurance soup

In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with the Beards of Wisdom themselves, Michael McCormick and Taylor Dobbie. These two insurance and marketing influencers have started a sales and cultural movement in the insurance industry with their creation and involvement in Insurance Soup, Career Agent Concepts, and TouchPoints Professional.

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Insurance Soup is the #1 FREE group on Facebook for Agents and Brokers with a focus on sales, marketing, and social media mastery.

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Career Agent Concepts is the #1 Free Group, Paid Courses, Ground Breaking Masterminds, Vendor Marketplace, & Innovative New Business Model in the Insurance Industry.



Touchpoint Professionals is a bulk SMS texting and email marketing with no short codes or keywords. Send bulk mobile SMS for your business marketing campaigns and reply with your own cell phone.




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